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SFEC 2018第十五届上海国际绿色食品及有机食品展览会

  • 主办单位:黑龙江中小企业协会
  • 展馆名称:上海新国际博览中心(N3)
  • 承办单位:上海富邦展览服务有限公司
  • 展会时间:2018-08-29 至 2018-08-31
  • 支持单位:中国有机健康产业联盟
  • 展馆城市:上海

SFEC 2018第十五届上海国际绿色食品及有机食品展览会2018the15th Shanghai International green food and organic food exposition


Exhibition time:August 29-31,2018  



Exhibition address : Shanghai New International Expo Center (N3)

                   2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

支持单位: 黑龙江中小企业协会            中国有机健康产业联盟

                     红河哈尼族彝族自治州人民政府  湖北省硒资源开发利用促进会

                    四川阿坝藏族羌族自治州商务局  中国农业产业化龙头企业协会

Support Units:Heilongjiang Association of SMEs  

China Organic Health Industry Alliance

            Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture People's Government

            Hubei Selenium Resources Development and Utilization Association

            Sichuan Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture Bureau of Commerce

            China Agricultural Industrialization Leading Enterprise Association

承办单位: 上海富邦展览服务有限公司

Organizer:   Shanghai Fubon Exhibition Services Ltd.


Concurrent exhibition:2018 Shanghai International Food Ingredients Exhibition (W1-W5)


Exhibition Overview:


SFEC2018 takes the theme of "Green, Safety, Innovation and Development".Based on the establishment of a worldwide exhibition platform,In order to exhibitors enter the market  quickly ,to build the most effective channels and to reach a focus on all kinds of food companies in the same platform display.Let us work together to build a high-end international trade platform for Chinese food, enhance the visibility of quality products in the industry and strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the industry.SFEC2018 default booth 1000, is expected to display an area of 40,000 square meters, it will attract more than 80,000 professional buyers to visit the procurement, striving to achieve a seamless docking buyers and businesses.


Exhibition Review:                              

上届举办的国际绿色食品及有机食品展,共吸引来自全球十多个国家和地区近500多家绿色有机食品的优质供应商前来参展,参展企业包括:APIS BRASIL GREEN PROPOLIS、WAYTON MANAGEMENT、RICHLAND AGRICULTURE、加拿大加粮农业、呼伦贝尔农垦集团、海伦市政府展团、上海太太乐食品、铁力市展团、长春市宏业种植、内蒙古本色食品、甘肃水木丰嵘农业、青岛德慧海洋生物、榆林淮宁河现代农业、昆山崴崴投资管理、伊春市珍优美生物、铁力桃山黑丰木耳种植合作社、乐平市红贵园食品、辽宁富安农业、乐清市金春石斛、苍溪县工夫农业、新泰市鸿福源农业、共和自然美藜麦种植合作社、湖北龚老爷商贸(神农架电商网)、青海大宋农业、西藏日光城生命科技、大竹县宏景牧业(木鱼池生态农场)、克山县富民农业产业公司、魅力厨房(上海)食品、内蒙古锡林浩特市草原牛小肥食品、昆明碧源玛咖公司、上海东嘉铺子食品、南通石记白石生态农业、黑龙江联宏商贸等等众多国内外知名企业。集齐国内外近万名绿色有机食品领域的专业买家参会。展会期间多场活动论坛也引起众多关注。

The last international green food and organic food exhibition,there are more than 500 countries from around the world and more than 500 green organic food suppliers to come to the exhibition,exhibitors include:APIS BRASIL GREEN PROPOLIS、WAYTON MANAGEMENT、RICHLAND AGRICULTURE、Canada plus grain agriculture, Hulun Buir Land Reclamation Group, Helen City Government Pavilion, Shanghai Mrs. Le Food, Tieli City Pavilion, Changchun City, Hongye planting, natural food in Inner Mongolia, Gansu Shuimin Fengrong agriculture,Qingdao Tak Hui marine life, Huaying River Yulin modern agriculture, Kunshan Wei Wei investment management, Yichun City, Jane beautiful creatures, Tieli Peach Hill black fungus cultivation cooperatives, Leping Hongguiyuan food, Liaoning Fu'an Agriculture, Yueqing Jinchun Dendrobium, Cangxi County, agricultural work, Xintai City, Hong Fuyuan agriculture, the Republic of America natural quinoa planting cooperatives, Hubei Gong Lao Ye commerce (Shennongjia electricity supplier network), Qinghai Song agriculture, Tibet Sunshine City life science and technology, Dazhu County Wang Jing (Muyuchi Ecological Farm), Keshan County Fumin Agricultural Industry Company, Charm Kitchen (Shanghai) Food, Inner Mongolia Xilinhot Grassland cattle Xiaofei food, Kunming Biyuan Macaroon Company, Shanghai Dongjiapuzi Food, Nantong Shijiazhuang Baishi ecological agriculture , Heilongjiang Lianhong business, and many other well-known domestic and foreign enterprises.Gathered nearly ten thousand at home and abroad professional buyers of green organic food participants. Many events during the exhibition forum has attracted a lot of attention.


Leading the overall situation - Eight benefits:


1, To obtain overseas orders - and overseas more than 300 high-quality buyers, demand face to face exchanges, explore the international market to provide high-quality platform!


2, Sales of domestic products - shopping malls and more than 120 procurement departments to meet, according to domestic demand to open up the domestic market, sales of products.


3, To enhance brand value - display brand image, enhance the status of the industry, enhance the value of degrees, visibility and reputation.


4, To get the media attention - Nearly a hundred professional and mass media to the meeting, the new products get attention and accept an interview.


5,To expand sales channels - access, negotiation, identify potential customers, agents, wholesalers.


6, To maintain sales network - with new and old customers to meet, maintain and strengthen your sales network.


7,To understand the market information - Faced with end-consumers, understand the market feedback before the new product market, the fastest access to market dynamics.


8, To grasp the development trend - listen to experts and experts at home and abroad to talk about market dynamics and successful sales model, to determine and grasp the future trends.


Exhibition overview:


Green Organic Food Zone:Organic manure, miscellaneous grains, organic produce, rice, fruits, vegetables, organic selenium-rich grains, green bee products organic tea, organic edible oil, flour, meat, beef, lamb, pork, dairy products, egg products, aquatic products, frozen foods , Convenience food, bread, candy, jam, health food and agricultural and sideline native products, fungus products, ethnic characteristic products, marine biological products, agricultural and animal husbandry products, organic agriculture and markets, etc .;


New resources Food Zone:Dendrobium, Moringa, Moringa, Moringa, Moringa, Nutritional Health Food, Health Food, Nutritional Drink, Dairy Product, Coffee, Fruit and Vegetable Juice, Lactic Acid Drink, Tea and Tea Products, Green Nutritional Supplements, Plant Protein Drink, Mineral Water , Instant drinks, dairy products, all kinds of milk and soy milk products, organic honey, etc .;


Wine Zone: Red Wine, White Wine, Rosé, Champagne, Sherry, Icewine, Brandy, Whiskey;


Vegetable oil Zone: olive oil, camellia oil, tea oil, walnut oil, corn germ oil, sunflower oil, grape seed oil, rice bran oil, peanut oil, linseed oil and other high-end nutritional oil, etc .;


Food Equipment Zone:Technology, materials: food and beverage packaging machinery, packaging materials, refrigeration, cleaning, sterilization, disinfection, preservation, processing technology and equipment, drinking fountains, health books, etc .



Booth price:


Domestic-funded enterprises 

标展RMB12000/个  形象RMB15800/个(3m×3m) 光地RMB1200/m2

Standard exhibition RMB12000 / PC  Image RMB15800 / PC (3m × 3m)  Blank siteRMB1200 / m2


Foreign companies

标展USD 3500/个   形象USD 3800/个(3m×3m)  光地USD 350/m2

Standard exhibition USDRMB12000 / PC  Image RMB15800 / PC (3m × 3m)  Blank siteRMB1200 / m2

9㎡标准展位收费(包括:展出场地, 2.5m高壁板  一条中英文楣板、洽谈桌一张、二把椅子、220V电源插座、射灯二支、展位内满铺地毯;注:双开口展位加20%费用;)

9㎡ standard booth price(Including: exhibition site, 2.5m high wall a fascia board, negotiating table, two chairs, 220V power socket, two spotlights, booth full carpet; Note: double open booth plus 20% cost;)


Blank site does not contain any configuration, enterprises to build their own design (36 square meters from the rent)



Journal price:

封  面

Title page

封  底

Back cover



跨  彩

Cross color

内 彩 页

Color pages

黑 白 页

Black and white pages














Journal:Size 140 * 210, imported coated paper, color pages fine print, illustrated.The main distribution to industry associations, visitors and related departments.


Note:In order to meet the market strategy of the enterprise, we will provide more options for cooperation programs. Please refer to the organizing committee for sponsorship.



Registration method:







1. Exhibitors received the invitation

2. Fill in the application form stamped with official seal fax or email to the organizing committee office:

3. Booth allocation: "First apply, pay first, arrange first."

4. Apply for the exhibition booth within 3 working days wire transfer fee or submitted to the organizational unit.

5. After exhibitors remit the fees, please fax the bank remittance slip to the organizer.

6.Organizational unit will send "Exhibitor Manual" to exhibitors one month prior to the show receipt after receiving the booth fee.



Please contact the Organizing Committee for the company that plans the booth application form and the conference location map


如欲参展“SFEC CHINA 2018”请通过以下联络方式。

For exhibitors "SFEC CHINA 2018", please contact through the following ways.


Organizing Committee Secretariat: Shanghai Fubon Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

地  址: 中国上海浦东新区龙阳路2345号

Address: 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China

总 机:021-5443 8119        QQ/微信:2825001051

联系人:赵维 13386083068   邮  箱:2825001051@qq.com

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